It’s not business as usual, but we’re still here

7th April 2020
The current pandemic has shaken us all, and changed the way we work, perhaps permanently.  Here at Studio idir, we’re thinking of and praying for all our clients and collaborators and their loved ones, hoping they make it through this challenging time.  All of our jobs on-site are rightly on hold, but we are thankful we have lots to be getting on with, so we’re all safely shacked up in our houses, working away around our own health needs and family commitments.  It’s all a bit mad, but we’re making it work! We may not answer our phones as quickly, and we may respond to your emails at ungodly hours, but we are still here, doing what we do.  If this extended period of time in your home is giving you all sorts of ideas about ways in which you’d like to extend it or make it work better for you, then feel free to give us a shout to arrange a virtual consultation with Aisling, and we’ll see if we can help.