Growth: for the season that’s in it

13th April 2020
Sharing a project we’ve had great pleasure in working on over the last year.  Edible Flower are an inspirational catering company/supper club/home-growing/home-brewing/pair of lovely, clever individuals we are delighted to call our clients and collaborators.  We have been working with them to envision a 60+ year plan of slow and sustainable growth for their Co.Down homestead.  The first step, recently submitted to Planning, is converting an outbuilding into a kitchen classroom, to free up their farmhouse kitchen for family use.  Longer term, they plan to grow an edible forest in their two fields, where you could forage for food to feed a group of people at any time of the year.  Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  As part of our masterplan, Katie prepared these beautiful images depicting our vision for the seasonal changes and growth of the homestead over the coming decades. It’s a real feel-good project!