Longlisted for The Davidson Prize 2023

30th April 2023
This year Studio Idir entered and where long listed for The Davidson Prize: an ideas competition recognising transformative architecture of the home. The prize exists to celebrate innovative design ideas, to encourage multi-disciplinary collaboration and to promote compelling visual communication. The 2023 theme was Somewhere to Call Home, which asked teams to design new solutions for homelessness. 

Building on our West Belfast Mackies Site concept, Studio idir collaborated with Ian Pitt of Me,Him and Her Design, Peter McKinney of Milly’s farm, and Maura DeMello, Family and Children Services Consultant, to further develop designs for rhiz(H)ome; transitional homes for care-leavers in a community setting. We are very proud of the scheme we entered and were delighted that The Davidson Prize received press coverage in the AJDezeenBD and The Big Issue amongst others.