We believe that the most sustainable building is the one that already exists and are committed to working with existing building stock, where possible.  We love traditional Victorian and Georgian buildings for their character, ornament, scale, proportion and connection to a rich history of lives lived and stories to tell.  We’ve even got a soft spot for the quintessential Irish C20th bungalow and its scope for transformative reinterpretation.

Kincora Extension, construction in progress

Townview annex in winter

St. Judes kitchen extension

We believe in letting the orientation of the building guide the layout – putting the living spaces to the south where we can and finding ways to embrace and maximise natural light if a northern aspect is all that we have to work with.

We will listen carefully to your brief and requirements, to how your space needs to work better for you. We will also challenge this.  That’s our job.  We may think of things and make suggestions that haven’t occurred to you yet, but might offer a new solution to the spatial ‘problem’ your brief presents.  Indeed, sometimes it may turn out that ‘the solution isn’t a building’ as Cedric Price famously declared – it may not be an extension you need but a clever reworking of what you have.  We won’t design you an extension you don’t need, if there is under-utilised space in your home that could be working harder for you first.

No two of our projects are the same.  They may use similar materials or themes, and draw learning from previous projects, but they are always a response to the unique brief that birthed them.  When they are complete, our aim is that the architect and the architecture disappear, leaving you with a space that just reflects you, and the way you live – a literal extension of your everyday life that has taken form in space.

Slideshow of more of our images coming soon below – watch this space!

Image Credits: Finnebrogue extension by Emma Stewart PhotographyArdenlee by Peter Bruce Photography; Townview Annex by Sarah Fyffe; St.Jude’s by Paul Lindsay.

Finnebrogue extension

Finnebrogue link from old to new