New Build

Our approach to designing new houses blends contemporary materials and carefully placed openings with traditional, vernacular forms, to produce an architecture that is both of its time and yet timeless, as if it has always been there.  

Our designs are led by thinking about routes and journeys through and events within our buildings – arriving home from work, welcoming guests for a dinner party, cosy winter evenings by the stove, doing the laundry and hanging it on the line to dry, BBQs and children’s parties in the garden…  And also by adding meaning and delight to everyday moments.  We are excited by unexpected connections, views through and across, changes in scale and height that help to create senses of drama, or intimacy, or grandeur, suitable to the function of the space.

House in Malone

We want to make spaces to fit your everyday rituals…a reading nook where you can escape, unnoticed, into a good book; a window strategically placed to enjoy a view of an old tree; little windows at floor level in kids’ bedrooms for garden views, and spying on Dad when he’s cutting the grass.

We believe in the clever use of space – making each room in a house punch above its weight.  No long corridors and unnecessary circulation spaces here, if they can be used for something else as well, or opened up, with sliding partitions, to connect or give more space to reception rooms beyond.  We believe that getting storage right is critical to the success of open plan, minimal living spaces and will use pantries, dressing rooms, clever joinery and wall-to-wall bookcases to achieve these.


When building from scratch, we believe we have a responsibility to make the construction as sustainable and low-energy as possible within the budget and, to that end, will work with our clients to research and promote the use of environmentally-friendly, natural building materials like sustainably-produced, locally-sourced timber, insulation products such as cork, wood-fibre, and cellulose, and renewable heat sources.  All of our new houses, to date, are heated by biomass boilers or air source heat pumps and we have installed solar panels, where suitable, too.

Image Credits: Clara Park by  contractor (Kudos) ; 3D imaging  by Nubla Studio


House in the woods nearing completion

House in Malone

Clara Park