We love urban living!  Being based in Belfast, we work on a lot of terraced houses – helping these versatile properties to expand and adapt to the needs of clients who require home working zones, larger rooms to entertain in, better connection to yards and micro-gardens, space for growing families who want to postpone or avoid altogether a move to a bigger house in the suburbs – making spaces to be together and also apart.

Irwin, polished concrete floor across new dining and kitchen and pantry spaces

Irwin roof terrace looking out over Belfast

We can squeeze downstairs toilets, pantries and utility rooms into spaces you didn’t think were possible.  We borrow space to make rooms bigger, and use sliding doors and partitions to separate and connect spaces for different times and uses.  We squeeze quiet reading spots onto half-landings and under stairs, put storage into every nook and cranny, transform sad galley kitchens into living/dining/kitchen spaces as open and bright and spacious as possible, and use lightwells and rooflights to bring natural light deep into the plan.  We’ve even added a roof terrace with enviable city views atop a two-storey rear return!

We love natural materials and working with what we’ve got – timber, polished concrete, carefully placed windows, the brick of a former yard, which can make a beautiful feature wall.  Yards that don’t get the sun can become gardens for looking at, rather than sitting in – equally as transformative to the surrounding rooms.

Oakland, bright views through to the garden

In the current market, it’s very expensive to do building work.  You are likely to spend more on these projects than the value immediately added to your house (according to banks and estate agents) when the works are complete.  We know that’s an uncomfortable place to be, and it rules out fixer-uppers for quick turnarounds, or planning to sell in the next few years and get your money back.  But if you’re there for the long haul, we believe these terraces are well worth the investment in your improved quality of life.  And when you do come to sell, if you’ve made it beautiful and functional, it will often sell for well above the odds (one of the terraces on this page sold for £50k over asking price).  We will be happy to help you give your terrace a little bit of love and get a whole lot back.

Image Credits: Oakland and Irwin by Emma Stewart Photography ; Adelaide by Bradley Quinn.

Oakland sliding door: separating and connecting spaces