What we do

Studio idir is a design led architecture practice that flourishes in the in-between.

Idir, the Irish word for in-between, reflects a philosophy of collaboration, and celebrates the meeting of difference, such as old with new, inside with out, contrasting materialities – always seeking out creative opportunity in the space between.

We do all stages of architectural design service, from feasibility, through Planning and Building Control to construction and beyond. We do consultation and advice. We do residential, commercial and charitable work at a wide range of scales, from small extensions to consulting on £1.5million+ developments.

We love working with clients to find design solutions to spatial problems and enjoy the challenge of working within tough constraints, like getting the most out of restricted space or sensitively adapting old or listed buildings.

Alongside our lovely private residential clients, we have been delighted to offer design services and consultation to commercial & third sector clients including:

  • Early Years, the Organisation for Young People
  • Flexion Fitness
  • Finnebrogue Woods
  • Boundary Brewing

We are always open to and excited by new ideas, opportunities and collaborations.  Click here to find out how you can get in touch!

Typically, once you contact us, Aisling will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your ideas, requirements and space and what Studio idir can offer. Afterwards, our discussion will then be summarised in writing, and subsequent steps and stages set out to show how Studio idir can help you to achieve your spatial goals.

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